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April 16, 2014
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Erich Schultz Collections Endowment marks $100,000 milestone

Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing

May 15/08

WATERLOO — Named in honour of Wilfrid Laurier University’s first university librarian, the Erich Schultz Collections Endowment was established in the late 1990s to enhance the library’s permanent collection. During this past academic year the endowment fund reached the $100,000 milestone.

With the income generated from the endowment’s interest, the library was able to purchase 89 books.

“By enabling the library to acquire resources otherwise unavailable to us, the Erich Schultz Collections Endowment Fund is enriching our collections significantly, and thus increasing their value to current and future students and faculty in vital and important ways,” says Sharon Brown, university librarian.

The books purchased through this endowment focus on the humanities and social sciences.

“The new books cover a wide range of disciplines: economics, political science, history, literary criticism, drama, film and more,” Brown says. “These books are all fine additions to our permanent collection and, along with the endowment itself, stand as wonderful examples of the thoughtfulness and generosity of Erich Schultz and other donors to the endowment.”

 “I am delighted and honoured by the outstanding commitment of the many generous donors who continue to support the Erich Schultz Collections Endowment,” says Erich Schultz, for whom the endowment fund is named. “Supporting Laurier’s library is a wonderful way to invest in learning and a most appropriate way of honouring the university that gave you your education.”

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