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Wilfrid Laurier University Vice President: Academic & Provost
May 25, 2015
Canadian Excellence
Kate Carter

Dr. Kathryn Carter

Inter-faculty Associate Dean: Academic Coordination & Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (Brantford campus)

Contact Information
Phone: 519.756.8228 ext.5890
Fax: 519.756.3716
Office Location: STA 300C

Academic Background
  • BA Wilfrid Laurier University
  • MA University of Waterloo
  • PhD University of Alberta

When I was a kid in Brant County, I was happiest reading books in an apple tree (when not building tree forts). My attachment to this area of the world is strong, and I am so pleased to be teaching and researching at Laurier Brantford. My grandparents owned a tobacco farm near Burford which had been in the family since 1848. (You can find my great great grandfather's plot of land on the 1850's map of Brant County that hangs in the Carnegie Building.)  My other grandparents emigrated from Scotland and settled not too far from our downtown campus. My grandparents' houses were filled with leftovers, and I loved sifting through those artifacts--old photos, letters with stamps from 1903, ration coupons from the second world war, abandoned organs in the hayloft--while trying to imagine the past.

Research Specialization:

Kathryn researches women's diaries written in Canada, with special attention to those from the 19th century. This has led her to develop expertise in women's writing, 19th-century Canadian culture, Canadian literature, cultural studies, and life writing, especially as it intersects with the narratives of history. 

Kathryn has also been a member of the ground-breaking Orlando Project, an electronic history of British women's writing, since its inception in 1995.  It has now gone live with Cambridge University Press and is available as an on-line resource through Trellis.



The Small Details of Life: Twenty Diaries by Women in Canada, 1830-1996. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2002.

Diaries In English by Women in Canada, 1753-1995: An Annotated Bibliography. Feminist Voices No. 4 Ottawa: Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, July 1997.

Selected Articles:

“Discipline, Bodies, and Girls’ Diaries in Post-Confederation Canada" Canadian Children’s Literature. (Fall 2006) 16-36.

“Death and the diary, or tragedies in the archive.” Journal of Canadian Studies. 40:2 (Spring 2006) 42-59.

Introduction to "Tinsmith’s Song" by Thomas Cowherd (1884). "Poetry and the Colonies," Victorians Institute Journal 32 (2004): 93-96.

 "The Circulating Self: Frances Simpson’s 1830 ‘Journal of a Voyage from Montreal . . .’" Australian Canadian Studies: The Status of Women in Canada and Australia 22.1 (2004): 9-34.

"An Economy of Words: Emma Chadwick Stretch's Account Book Diary 1859-1860." Acadiensis: Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region. 29.1 (Autumn 1999) 43-56.

"The Cultural Work of Diaries in Mid-Century Victorian Britain." Victorian Review 23.2 (Winter 1997) 251-267.

Creative Work:

"The Ballad in Vera's Ice Box." (Drama, with Lauren Britten) Cobblestone Festival, Paris, Ontario, 2005

Photos from Vera

"Nith Wits: A Grand Diversion." (Drama) Cobblestone Festival, Paris, Ontario, August 2003.

"Knickers in a Twist." (Drama) Cobblestone Festival, Paris, Ontario, August 2001.

"Pica, or What the Magpie Said." (Poetry) Other Voices. Edmonton, Alberta 9:2 (Fall 1996) 45.

"Two in the Kitchen." (Poetry) Wascana Review of Contemporary Poetry and Short Fiction. University of Regina, 30:1 (Spring 1995) 59.

Web site:

Women's diaries written in Canada