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August 28, 2015

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The study of human movement and physical activity is a multidisciplinary endeavour and, as such, we offer an undergraduate program that will prepare students to pursue a broad range of careers. Students must complete a number of required core courses, but thereafter may choose from a variety of electives according to their personal interests to complete their degrees.

Limited enrolment into the program ensures that students have ready access to faculty members. At Laurier, you are a name, not a number. Smaller classes give students an opportunity to learn factual material, while at the same time developing the communication and interpersonal skills that are so important for success in today's job market.

Please note: The Kinesiology & Physical Education program at Laurieris a limited enrolment program, howeverNON-KPE students may be permitted to register for.25100-level activity courses.

KPE .25 100-level activity courses now open toallundergraduates. Click here for details.


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Dr.Stephen Wenn-Undergraduate Academic Advisor / 519-884-0710, ext.4160
Dr.PaulaFletcher - Graduate Academic Advisor
Contact: 519-884-0710, ext. 4159


Message to all KPE Students ...

It is required that you check your e-mail account weekly. If you miss an official e-mail from the University you will have no basis for appeal because your Laurier e-mail is considered an official method of communication.


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