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September 21, 2014
Canadian Excellence

The Tshepo Institute Academic Excellence Awards 2014

  • Tshepo Institute Nelson Mandela Academic Excellence Award for Social Justice and Development
  • Tshepo Institute Harriet Tubman Academic Excellence Award for Human Rights and Leadership

Now Accepting Applications

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The Tshepo Institute joins the world in mourning the profoundly sad loss of His Excellency Nelson Mandela.  The indomitable spirit he embodied in enduring indescribable hardship in his determination to tear down the shackles of oppression that had plagued South Africa and to painstakingly show us the virtues of walking the path of reconciliation as opposed to revenge, shall remain an indelible inspiration for all South Africans and the world.

 The Tshepo Institute salutes you, Madiba!

Directorship, Tshepo Institute, December 2013

Rev. Dr. David Pfrimmer's (former Tshepo advisory board member) article in The Record about Nelson Mandela can be found here.

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The Tshepo Institute's Academic Excellence Awards 2014
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People at Laurier

Dr. Peter Farrugia, Past Co-Director, Tshepo Institute Dr. Farrugia is engaged in a project exploring the benefits of peer education in Canada and Botswana.

Dr. Peter Farrugia
Past Co-Director, Tshepo Institute