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October 4, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Community Service-Learning (CSL) at Laurier integrates meaningful community engagement with classroom instruction and critical reflection, enriching your learning experience while strengthening communities for the common good.

Courses with a CSL component require you to attend class, complete assignments and regularly engage with a community partnerplacement opportunity or project throughout theterm. Students have told us that having the opportunity to connect their academic work with real-life learning was the best part of their university experience!

Fall Semester CSL Courses

Fall semester CSL placements and projects are now underway! If you have any questions about your CSL placement or project, check MyLS and/or contact your CSL Coordinator.

Please check MyLS regularly for CSL information, materials and updates.

CSL Courses

CSL courses are now coded with the acronym CSL in the Dynamic Schedule. Take a look at the CSL courses being offered in fall 2015 and winter 2016.

CSL Courses Online

Check-out PS282OC: CommunityPsychology and UU150: Foundation of Community Engagement and Service. More online CSL courses are coming soon!

Faculty of Arts Community Engagement Option

For information on the Faculty of Arts Community Engagement Option please click here.

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Visit theLaurier Volunteer Portalfor great volunteer opportunities available to students, staff, faculty, retirees and alumni!