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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
September 14, 2014
Canadian Excellence


The P&G Centre for Business & Sustainability exists to foster research and multi-sector engagement toward more sustainable management practice.

Key areas of focus:

As an applied sustainability research centre, the P&G CBS works to build socially and environmentally engaged management practice through five key areas of focus:

Research:Supporting and sharing high quality, cross-disciplinary academic research on sustainability and the role of business.

Teaching/Curriculum:Leading on curriculum renewal to integrate sustainability concepts into the traditional business curriculum and executive development.

Student Engagement:Raising student awareness and engagement in sustainability issues at the Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral levels.

Civil Society Engagement: Working with civil society organizations to further their capacity for effective advocacy on sustainability issues.

Business Engagement:Fostering dialogue with and among business leaders, to explore effective approaches to meeting social, economic and environmental value creation challenges.