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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
December 2, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Dr. Oli R. Mihalache

Assistant Professor

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Academic Background
BComm (University of Toronto, Canada), MPhil (Erasmus University, The Netherlands), PhD (Erasmus University,The Netherlands)
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Journal Articles:

Volberda, H.W., van den Bosch, F. & Mihalache, R.O. (in press). Advancing Management Innovation: Synthesizing Processes, Levels of Analysis, and Change Agents. Organization Studies.

Mihalache, R.O., Jansen, J.J.P., Volberda, H.W. & van den Bosch, F. (2014). Top management team shared leadership and ambidexterity: A moderated mediation framework. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal 8(2), 128-148.

Mihalache, R.O., Jansen, J.J.P., van den Bosch, F. & Volberda, H.W. (2012).Offshoring and firm innovation: the moderating role of top management team attributes. Strategic Management Journal 33(13), 1480-1498.

Book Chapters:

Mihalache, R.O., Mihalache, M. & Janssen, J.J.P. (2011). Offshoring knowledge vs. labor intensive services and entrepreneurial activity: A contingency perspective. In A. Verbeke, R. van Tulder & A.T. Tavares (Eds.), Entrepreneurship in the Global Firm. Progress in International Business Research (vol 6).