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April 19, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Sheri Lynn Gibbings

Assistant Professor

Contact Information
Phone: ext.2362

Office Location: DAWB 5-112
Office Hours: See syllabi of current term, MyLearningSpace or by appointment only.
Languages Spoken


Academic Background

Ph.D., University of Toronto, 2011
M.A., Anthropology, York University
B.Sc., Biology, McGill University


I am a socio-cultural anthropologist specializing in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. My ethnographic research in Indonesia has focused on the social and cultural effects of democratic change on the urban underclass in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In particular, my research explores democratic change from the perspective of street vendors, government officials, and NGOs entangled in battles over public space.

Research Interests 

  • Social cultural anthropology
  • urban anthropology
  • democracy and transparency
  • social movements and activism
  • street vending
  • Java, Indonesia, Southeast Asia
Additional Information

Classes taught at Laurier:

  • Global Methods (GS 202)
  • Globalization and Southeast Asia (GS 302)
  • Cities and Citizens (AF 101T)
  • Global Studies in Practice (GS 398)


2011   Gibbings, Sheri. No Angry Women at the UN: Political Dreams and
the Cultural Politics of the United Nations Security Council
Resolution 1325. International Journal of Feminist Politics. 13(4)
December: 532-548.

2009   Barker, Joshua, and Johan Lindquist, with Tom Boellstoff, Chris
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2004   Cohn, Carol, Sheri Gibbings, and Helen Kinsella. “Women, Peace,
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