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July 3, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Dr. Joanne Benham Rennick

Director, Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation

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Phone: 519.884.0710 ext.3331

Office Location: DAWB 2-116

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How do we inspire leaders who are empathetic, knowledgeable, and innovative? How do we connect, collaborate and transform? How can we change the world?

The Social Entrepreneurship Option creates a context for deep learning, rich engagement and meaningful collaboration both within and outside the campus. Social entrepreneurship at Laurier allows students opportunities to better understand themselves and their passions, link their classroom knowledge with real-world skills sets, and establish a network of mentors and colleagues. This kind of learning develops leadership and collaborative skills and liberates students to innovate in ways that can really matter. Working with community partners, local entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, the Communitech Hub, the Career Development Centre, the Aboriginal Student Centre, and other groups and individuals, the Social Entrepreneurship Option is remaking higher education in alignment with Laurier's Guiding Vision:

Our commitment is to justice and sustainability now and in the future, so we strive to ignite the minds, spirits and hearts of our communities through excellence in teaching and learning, in the discovery, scholarly exploration, and application of new ideas, and in instilling the courage to engage and challenge the world in all its complexity.

Additional Information

Research Areas:

My research looks at organizational culture and the ways that institutionalized values and norms affect the collective behaviours and assumptions of members.

My bookReligion in the Ranks(University of Toronto Press 2011) examinesthe Canadian military and its efforts to integrate and accommodate religious and cultural diversity within the rank and file and in its operational activities.Other publications consider culture and values in international development, immigration policy, citizenship issues, and most recently, higher education (University of Toronto Press 2013).

  • Organizational culture and leadership (military forces, higher education, international development)
  • Globalization, internationalization, diversity and recognition
  • Social Entrepreneurship and innovation

A list of publications can be found on the publications page.