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June 27, 2016

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Cuscuta salina Engelm. var. salina

Oct 19/07

Cuscuta salina Engelm. in W.H. Brewer, S. Watson, & A. Gray, Bot. Calif. 1:536. 1876

var. salina

= Cuscuta californica Hook. & Arn. var. squamigera Engelm., Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis 1:499. 1859. Cuscuta salina var. squamigera (Engelm.) Yuncker, Illinois Biol. Monogr. 6, pt. 2--3:71, fig. 126. 1921. Cuscuta squamigera (Engelm.) Piper, Contrib. U.S. Natl. Herb. 11:455. 1906.

Fromisotype at MO: U.S.A.Utah. Rio Virgen, on Suaeda, saline soil, Nov 1855, J. Remy s.n. (the holotype is atP; another isotype at NY).

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