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November 28, 2015

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Online Research Supplemental Instruction ("S.I.") Modules

What It Is

  • Learning modules designed to instruct students on specific researching and learning strategies solutions using the major written assignment as the framework for application of strategies.
  • These modules can be imported into the myLearningSpace platform.
  • Embedded modules can be included as a curricular component and have grades associate with them.
  • Each module includes an instructional component, an activity, a grading rubric, and additional resources.
  • More information, including a list of modules and learning outcomes: online_SI_handout.pdf
How It Works
  • Faculty choose five research strategies they want their students to learn and apply to their major written assignment.
  • Faculty provides a copy of the course syllabus.
  • Faculty select the grading scheme for the modules.
  • A learning specialist or librarian will work with the faculty to import the modules into the myLearningSpace platform and provide the faculty member with the relevant training.
  • More information about the program assessment methodology and results: IELC Online Research S.I..pdf
Next Steps
  • Complete this online formand:
    • Select five research strategies you want to focus on
    • Indicate the grading scheme
    • Attach the course syllabus
  • After the form is submitted a learning specialist, with the Study Skills & Supplemental Instruction Centre, or a librarian will follow-up with you.

If you have any questions please contact:

Michael Lisetto-Smith
Manager: Study Skills & Supplemental Instruction Centre, x3640

Research Strategies (choose 5)*:
File extensions: DOC, DOCX, PDF
Maximum size: 5 MB
Grading Scheme*:

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