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January 30, 2015

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Accounts/Network: Faculty and Staff Network and Email Account Request Form

Faculty and staff must complete the online form to obtain a Network and Email Access.

Once the following form is completed, the username and password will be emailed to the personal email account provided with in 2 business days.

Please be aware that all use of Information Technology at WLU is governed by the WLU Policy Document, Principles in the Use of Information Technology 9.1; section 2 of this document is reproduced on the bottom of this form.

A.The hardware and licensed software available at WLU are intended for use by the WLU community. Use of these resources by anyone outside WLU requires approval from the Office of the Director of Information Technology Services. Users shall not disclose confidential passwords, access codes, account numbers or other authorization assigned to them.

B. Users of information technology are expected to use the systems in a manner that preserves the privacy of others. Users shall not attempt to gain access to the files or directories of another user without clear authorization from the other user. Users shall not attempt to intercept any network communications, such as electronic mail or user-to-user dialogue. Users must not attempt unauthorized access or otherwise interfere with computing and communication installations external to Wilfrid Laurier University using Wilfrid Laurier University computing or communication facilities.

C. Activities engaged in by users with the intention of interfering with or altering the integrity of computing or communication systems at WLU are unacceptable. Such activities include unauthorized use of accounts, impersonating other individuals in communications, attempts to capture or decode passwords or encryption, and destruction or alteration of data or programs belonging to other users. The wilful introduction of computer viruses into the WLU computing environment or other environments via the WLU network is unacceptable. The intention to restrict or deny access by legitimate users to the system is unacceptable.
Damage, destruction or theft of hardware, software, data or related equipment is unacceptable.

D.Users must not attempt to access or copy the programs and information belonging to or licensed to Wilfrid Laurier University or to other users unless they have proper authorization to do so. Programs and data may not be moved from one computing system to another without permission. Users are reminded that this applies equally to both microcomputer and mainframe software. The terms and conditions in software licenses vary considerably. The onus is on users/owners to familiarize themselves with their responsibilities and abide by limitations under each agreement.

E. Users must use computing and communication facilities and services only for the purposes for which they were authorized. Specifically, instructional, research, and administrative accounts must not be used for private consulting or sold to other individuals; use of any part of the computing facility for direct personal financial gain (except for appropriate contract and external accounts) or to provide free resources for unauthorized purposes is not allowed. When outside professional activities of users would involve the use of the University's computing and communication facilities, approval shall be obtained from the Office of the Director of Information Technology Services and charges shall be at the prevailing rate (unless the Office of the Director of Information Technology Services agrees to waive all or part of the charges).

F.Users must be sensitive to the public nature of shared facilities and must not print or display on screens in school locations images, sounds or messages which are likely to create an atmosphere of discomfort or harassment for others.

G.Users must not use computing and communication facilities to send, print or display obscene, vulgar, or harassing messages. Every user bears the primary responsibility for the material he or she chooses to access, send, or display. The facilities may not be used in any manner to create, send or display material which contravenes relevant policies or statutes. Users are directed to the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Criminal Code of Canada for assistance in determining whether any images, sounds or messages may be considered harassing or obscene. Further assistance in this regard may be obtained from Laurier's Harassment/Discrimination Co-ordinator or the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

H.Users who violate these principles will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the disciplinary procedures. Users unsure of whether their intended use of the University's information technology violates these principles should consult with the Office of the Director of Information Technology Services.

***You must check the box located at the end of the form labeled: Please acknowledge the Principles in the Use of Information Technology 9.1; section 2 as stated at the beginning of this process. The account request will not be processed without acknowledgment. ***


For Banner Access, please complete the Banner Request Form

For Cognos Access, please complete the Cognos Request Form

For more information regarding Banner and Cognos, please see the Banner and Cognos section of the ITS Webpage.


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