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November 26, 2014

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Title FormType Authors
Direct Deposit Authorization Form PDFPDF (128k) Payroll
Election to Stop CPP Form PDFPDF (30k) Payroll
General Temporary Timesheet PDFPDF (28k) M. Stein
Payroll - Payment Authorization Form PDFPDF (11k) Payroll
Student Authorization to Hire Form (also used for foreign/international hires) PDFPDF (305k) Payroll
Student Payroll Form for IA, Proctors and Markers PDFPDF (218k) Christine Barry
Student Timesheet PDFPDF (81k) Payroll
Student Web Time Entry-Adjustment Pay Sheet PDFPDF (47k) Christine Barry
TD1 - 2014 - Federal - Personal Tax Credit Return PDFPDF (140k) CRA
TD1ON - 2014 - Provincial - Personal Tax Credit Return PDFPDF (110k) CRA
Web Time Entry Student Position Change Form PDFPDF (179k) C.Barry
Web Time Entry Student Position Set Up Form PDFPDF (184k) C.Barry
WLU Supplemental Pay Form PDFPDF (29k) C. Barry
WLUSA Supplemental Pay Form PDFPDF (24k) S. Hawkins
WLUSA Temporary Research Grant Timesheet PDFPDF (14k) E. Tian/S. Hawkins
WLUSA Temporary Timesheet PDFPDF (14k) B. Wemp
View all Payroll forms