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July 26, 2016
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Faculty/Staff Listing

Languages and Literatures

BA405 Bricker Academic Building
Waterloo, ON, N2L 3C5
Phone: (519) 884-0710 x2398
Fax: (519) 884-7369

Abdullatif, Dr. Hanan
Contract Academic Staff (CAS), Arabic
Ardon, Prof. Rosario
Contract Academic Staff (CAS) Spanish
Ashcroft, Dr. Ira
Professor Emeritus, French;
Beggar, Dr. Abderrahman
Associate Professor/Professeur agrégé; Arabic Studies (Coordinator), Mediterranean Civilization and Culture, Muslim Studies, & Cultural Analysis and Social Theory
Bilandzic, Ms. Marjana
Administrative Assistant
de Luna Villalón, Dr. Maria Eugenia
Assistant Professor, Spanish
De Marinis, Dr. Hugo
Associate Professor (Spanish) & Chair
Despau, Mihaiela
Contract Academic Staff (CAS), French
Freidel, Dr. Nathalie
Chair of Languages & Literatures, Associate Professor, French
Jaimes-Dominguez, Luis
Contract Academic Staff (CAS), Spanish
Leko, Prof. Vesna
Contract Academic Staff (CAS), Spanish
Marín-Dòmine, Dr. Marta
Associate Professor, Spanish; Director Centre for Memory and Testimony Studies
Marquart, Dr. Sharon
Assistant Professor, French
Newland, Dr. Jane
Academic Advisor of Lang & Lit department, Assistant Professor, French
Pruteanu, Dr. Simona
Assistant Professor, French
Reid, Dr. Marc Olivier
Assistant Professor, French & Spanish
Roberts, Dr. Katherine Ann
Program Facilitator and Associate Professor, North American Studies, French
Rowinsky-Geurts, Dr. Mercedes
Associate Professor; Spanish
Sandu, Dr. Corina
Contract Academic Staff (CAS), French
Schwieter, Dr. John W.
Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics (WLU); Visiting Professor of Applied Linguistics (University of Greenwich, London, England)
Sloutsky, Dr. Larissa
Contract Academic Staff (CAS), French
Stellin, Dr. Monica
Associate Professor, Italian Studies Coordinator
Sweedler, Dr. Milo
Associate Professor of French and Cultural Analysis and Social Theory
Tremblay, Dr. Victor-Laurent
Professor Emeritus, French
Zimmermann, Dr. Alexandra
Contract Academic Staff, (German)