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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
July 26, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Faculty/Staff Listing

Business: Operations & Decision Sciences (ODS) Area

P 2006
75 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON, N2L 3C5
Phone: 519.884.0710 x 2041
Fax: 519.884.0201

Araghi, Dr. Mojtaba
Assistant Professor (ODS)
Cai, Mr. Qishu
Instructor (ODS) CAS
Castillo, Dr. Ignacio
Professor (ODS)
Cleaver, Karen
Intermediate Administrative Assistant
Craig, Dr. Ronald
Retired Professor (ODS)
Cutter, Mr. Phil
Instructor (Accounting) CAS
De, Dr. Mitali
Professor (ODS); Director, Centre for Supply Chain Management
Dilworth, Margaret
Intermediate Administrative Assistant, OB/HRM, ODS, Policy
Ferfolja '11, Ms. Jennifer
Business Process Specialist
Georgescu, Mr. Dan
Instructor (ODS) CAS
Gravill, Ms. Jane
Instructor (ODS) CAS
Harris, Dr. Ruth
Retired Associate Professor (ODS)
Haughton, Dr. Michael
Professor (ODS)
Hendricks, Dr. Kevin
Professor of Operations Management
Isotupa, Dr. Sapna
Professor & Area Coordinator (ODS)
Iyogun, Dr. Paul
Professor (ODS)
Jha, Dr. Shailendra
Associate Professor (ODS)
Keller, Dr. Gerald
Retired Professor (ODS)
Mahootchi, Ms. Tannaz
Lecturer (ODS)
Marcon, Ms. Teresa
Lecturer (ODS)
Marshall, Mr. Alan
Instructor (Finance and ODS) CAS
Noori, Dr. Hamid
Laurier Chair Professor in Enterprise Integration & Technology Management ; Director: Laurier EMTM, PhD and Research-Based Programs
Pavlin, Dr. Michael
Assistant Professor (ODS)
Ravi, Dr. Peruvemba
Associate Professor (ODS)
Shi, Dr. Chunming (Victor)
Associate Professor (ODS)
Stirbet, Mr. Hari
Instructor (ODS & Policy) CAS
Tan, Adrian
PhD Candidate, O/SCM
Wagner, Dr. Mark
Lecturer (ODS & Marketing)
Wheatley, Dr. David
Lecturer (ODS)
Zhao, Dr. Xuan (Jen)
Associate Professor (ODS)