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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
July 24, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Faculty/Staff Listing

Business: Policy Area

75 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON, N2L 3C5
Phone: 519.884.0710 x 2552
Fax: 519.884.0201

Allan, Ms. Laura
Assistant Professor (Policy)
Atkinson, David
Instructor (Policy) CAS
Baetz, Dr. Mark
Retired Faculty (Policy)
Banks, Dr. John
Associate Professor & Area Coordinator (Policy & Law)
Branston, Ms. Carmel
Instructor (Policy) CAS
Carayannopoulos, Dr. Sofy
Associate Professor (Policy)
Cleaver, Karen
Intermediate Administrative Assistant
Colbert, Dr. Barry A.
Associate Professor (Policy and Strategic Management) and Director, P&G Centre for Business & Sustainability
Cruikshank, Dr. Ruth
Associate MBA Director, Associate Professor (Policy)
Dilworth, Margaret
Intermediate Administrative Assistant, OB/HRM, ODS, Policy
Dominguez, Ms. Tabatha
Lecturer (Policy)
Domurath, Anne
Fulltime Faculty
Ensign, Dr. Scott C.
Dobson Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Policy)
Farlow, Mr. Steve
Executive Director: Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship (Policy) CAS
Ferfolja '11, Ms. Jennifer
Business Process Specialist
Hagarty, Ms. Leanne
Lecturer (Policy)
Harling, Dr. Kenneth
Professor (Policy)
Harrison, Ms. Jessica
Instructor (Policy) CAS
Lemieux, Mr. Pat
Instructor (Policy) CAS
Maziarz, Mr. Chris
Special Projects and Research Co-ordinator, Instructor (Policy) CAS
McCutcheon, Mr. James
Retired Faculty (Policy)
McGill, Ms. Shelley
Associate Professor (Policy)
Mihalache, Dr. Oli R.
Assistant Professor
Nitsch, Dr. Detlev
Assistant Professor (Policy)
Preece, Dr. Stephen
Associate Professor (Policy); Academic Director, Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship
Reddy, Ms. Roopa
Lecturer (Policy)
Rosenbusch, Dr. Nina
Assistant Professor (Policy)
Ross, Mr. Alexander
Instructor (Policy) CAS
Safayeni, Mr. Justin
Instructor (Policy) CAS
Stirbet, Mr. Hari
Instructor (ODS & Policy) CAS