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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
November 28, 2015
Canadian Excellence

Faculty/Staff Listing

Health Sciences

Bricker Academic Building, BA436
75 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON, N2L3C5
Phone: 519-884-0710 x4501
Fax: (519) 884-0464

Bennett, Linda
Administrative Assistant, Health Sciences
DeBruin, Dr. Lillian
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Health Sciences
DeWitte-Orr, Dr. Stephanie
Assistant Professor, Health Sciences & Biology
Gheorghiu, Dr. Cristina
CAS Instructor
Gregory, Dr. Diane
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology & Physical Education and Health Sciences
Guthrie, Dr. Dawn
Professor, Kinesiology & Physical Education and Health Sciences
MacPhee, Dr. Renée S.
Associate Professor, Health Sciences and Kinesiology & Physical Education
Murphy, Mr. Lawrence
Instructor, Psychology
Orbinski, James
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Shankardass, Dr. Ketan
Assistant Professor, Health Sciences and Psychology
Travers, Dr. Robb
Chair, Health Sciences; Associate Professor, Health Sciences
Vance, Dr. Vivienne
Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Advisor, Health Sciences