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September 18, 2014
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University Teaching Certificate (UTC)


New this fall, the UTC program was developed for masters and doctoral students (including postdoctoral fellows) with the goal of developing instructional knowledge and skills. While not all Laurier graduates will enter academia, the career paths they choose to pursue will inevitably draw upon the very skills and core competencies UTC seeks to develop.

UTC aims to provide opportunities for graduate students to:

  • develop and practice pedagogical skills and strategies,
  • critically examine and reflect upon instructional issues and research on teaching in higher education,
  • document learning and capture insights, reflections, and experiences associated with the program,
  • develop transferable knowledge and skills in relation to the programís core competencies, and
  • network and build community with peers within and across disciplines.

UTC is designed to be completed within a minimum of two to four semesters, depending on certificate option. Both a basic and an advanced certificate is available, recognizing that not all students have the same levels of time, commitment, and interest given the nature of their academic programs and individual career goals.

There are three components to the program. Each component requires active participation by the student and documentation of reflection on their learning and practice.

  • General Principles of Pedagogy (24-36 hours of study)
  • Practice and Analysis of Teaching (structured opportunities for instructional practice)
  • Teaching Documentation (products of learning, including a teaching philosophy statement or teaching dossier)

Candidates will be expected to develop and demonstrate capacity across 10 core program competencies through the learning activities they participate in and the learning products they produce.

  • Student learning
  • Assessment of learning
  • Instructional design
  • Teaching skills and strategies
  • Learning technologies (appropriate use/pedagogical applications)
  • Critical reflection
  • Intercultural communication
  • Evaluation of instruction
  • Professionalism, ethics, human rights and equity in university teaching
  • Classroom management/Conflict resolution

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 Program Coordinator:

Jeanette McDonald, EdD.                                                                                                                       Manager, Educational Development  
Email:  |  ext. 3211

General Information:

Email:   |  ext. 3507

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