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October 1, 2014
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Next-Phase Economics: Micro-Finance Institutions and NGOs targeting Poverty Alleviation and Development of Weak Sectors in the Full Scope of a Person's Life

Itamar Eder

published: 2006 | Working paper


Aiming to give a broader and clearer view of current trends in order to enable better basis for a decision on future research, this paper presents a detailed summary of reading and questioning process, covering a wide scope of 30 sources of research and study, articles and books, meetings and lectures, coming from different parts of the globe. It is trying to reflect the deepening and widening perspectives and activities in the field of Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), targeting poverty alleviation and development of weak sectors around the world.

The summary is presented in a table separated into three sections by the different type of sources, including a relatively short coverage of topics and conclusions as discussed within each of them, and the related main questions for research that arise directly or indirectly from the reading.

The Paper opens with an Introduction and follows with a Preliminary Discussion on four main areas of interest for future study. The first is taking a general look on current and future development of economics and microfinance, whereas the latter three deal with more ‘down to earth’ issues with a focus on Israel as the area for study: Government-NGO and Banks-MFI collaborations, Microfinance program’s optimal pool of services as to the development of weak sectors, and tracing poverty alleviation through credit use patterns and extent of risk-reduction investments.

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