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August 3, 2015

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Psychology Faculty Research Interests 2013-2014

L. Carreiro

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Psychology Faculty Research Interests - 2013/2014

Roger Buehler, PhD - Social Cognition and the self: planning, prediction, memory, mental imagery, mood regulation, motivation, goal pursuit.

Justin Cavallo, PhD - Closes relationships, motivation, goals and self-regulation, social support.

Roelof Eikelboom, PhD - The biopsychology of appetitive behaviours, such as exercise, feeding, drinking, sexual behaviour, and substance abuse.

Mark Eys, PhD - Research interests generally encompass group dynamics in sport and exercise. Currently, Dr. Eys is examining perceptions of cohesion within youth physical activity groups as well as role perceptions (i.e., role ambiguity and role acceptance) in sport teams.

Todd Ferretti , PhD - Language and cognitive processes; computational models of language processing; electro-physiological studies of language comprehension and production.

Mindi Foster, PhD - How experiences of discrimination and responses to that discrimination affect psychological (e.g., self-acceptance, growth) and subjective (e.g., mood, life satisfaction) well-being.

Robert Gebotys , PhD - Quantitative psychology; probability judgement and human decision-making in adults and children; public attitudes towards sentencing.

Alexandra Gottardo , PhD - Reading acquisition, reading disabilities in children and adults, the development of reading in English as a Second Language learners, the development of phonological skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary development.

Maxwell Gwynn , PhD - Social psychological factors in hypnotic responding, jury deliberations, eyewitness memory and testimony, and facial composite (police sketch) production and recognition.

William Hockley, PhD - Human memory and attention, recognition decision processes; contributions of familiarity and recollection to memory performance.

Jeffery A. Jones, PhD - Human communication through speech, music and other acoustic signals. Research topics include sensory-motor control during speech, singing, and music production, as well as multisensory perception. Applied work looks at communication disorders caused by Parkinson's disease, stuttering, as well as attention and cognitive loads during communication while driving.Techniques used include behavioural measures, EEG, and fMRI.

Christian Jordan, PhD - Social cognition, self-esteem, self-evaluation, attitudes, and automatic processes.

Nancy Kocovski , PhD - Social anxiety and other anxiety disorders, cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness, comorbidity between anxiety and depression, comorbidity between anxiety and substance use disorders, rumination and coping.

Tobias Krettenauer, PhD - Development of moral reasoning, moral emotions and moral motivation, identity and ego development, volunteering, positive youth development.

Joanne Lee, PhD - Numeracy and mathematics development, mathematics education, longitudinal study of language and mathematics development, gender differences in cognitive development, language acquisition and cross-linguistic studies.

Colleen Loomis, PhD - Psychological sense of community and identity development among immigrants within places of learning: schools, adult education programs, alternative learning communities, and early childhood development programs.

Paul Mallet, PhD - The behavioural and neural effects of drugs, with a special emphasis on drugs of abuse and certain plant extracts.

Diano Marrone, PhD - Systems neuroscience, functional neuroanatomy, neurobiology of aging, immediate-early gene expression.

Bruce McKay, PhD - 1) The mechanisms by which neurons and synapses are changed during and after exposure to psychoactive drugs and chemicals, using patch clamp and field potential electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, and behavioural techniques. 2) Drug use and perceptions about drug usein university students.

Terry Mitchell, PhD - Aboriginal Health and wellness; Indigenous rights and global governance; poverty reduction, Breast cancer and dragon boating, Qualitative and constructivist research methodologies; Participatory action research, Community-university partnerships

Geoffrey Nelson, PhD - Prevention, community, mental health, housing and homelessness.

Joan Norris, PhD - Adult development and aging, intergenerational relationships, grandparenting, family and ethnic patterns of gambling behaviour, generativity, environmental psychology.

Sukhvinder Obhi, PhD - Neuroscience of Social Interaction, Intentional Action, Sense of Agency and Control over action, Consumer Neuroscience & the Neuroscience of Business.

Elizabeth Olds, PhD - Human selective attention, visual search, and visual object recognition.

S. Mark Pancer , PhD - Community involvement, volunteering and social activism, particularly among youth; prevention of social, academic and mental health problems in children and youth, evaluation of community-based programs; political psychology.

Michael W. Pratt, EdD - Lifespan moral development, development of environmental concern, parenting, grandparenting and family narratives, youth, identity development and life stories, intimacy, generativity, and personality development, transition to university.

Manuel Riemer, PhD - Youth engagement in the environment, environmental justice, psychological application to global climate change, changing complex social systems, evaluation and sustainability of social programs, art-based methods for social change, mental health services research, mixed methods.

Kim Roberts, PhD - Children's memory and learning, source monitoring, eyewitness testimony, children and the legal system.

Pamela Sadler, PhD - Interpersonal theory and processes of social interaction, moment-to-moment synchrony, nonverbal and paralinguistic behaviour, automatic and controlled processes, interpersonal perceptions and biases, statistical and research methods for studying two-person interactions, individual differences and underlying mechanisms of hypnosis, and applications of all of the foregoing within social, personality, and clinical psychology.

Angelo Santi , PhD - Comparative cognition, perception and memory for time and
number, metamemory in animals, memory coding, pharmacological analyses of time and number processing in animals.

Philip Servos, PhD - The neural bases of somatosensory and visual perception.

Ketan Shankardass, PhD - Health equity solutions, including whole of government approaches, neighbourhood determinants of healthy and unhealthy copying, and political will/public opinion.

Robb Travers, PhD -to understand HIV 'risk behaviours' in broader social context and the development and impact of interventions at various levels (individual, community and structural/societal); factors that impede emotional well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth as well as people living with HIV/AIDS.

Richard Walsh, PhD - History, philosophy, and ethics of psychology; community psychology: economic, environmental and social justice, anti-poverty action,and electoral politics.

David White, PhD - The evolutionary function, proximate mechanisms and development of social behaviour in animals: specifically, social learning, mate choice, and reproduction in songbirds

Anne Wilson, PhD - The self and social cognition: thinking about the past and the future, the psychological experience of time, motivation and future goal-pursuit, beliefs about change and stability, sociocultural norms, interpersonal relationships over time.

Eileen Wood, PhD - Cognitive development, memory strategies, learning in the classroom, computer instruction, technology in the classroom, educational applications of cognitive and developmental theories.

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