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November 29, 2015

Canadian Excellence



Laurier Biology Seminar Series - Friday Nov 27, 2015

Dr. J. Baltzer

published: 2008 | Presentation | Research Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Marney Isaac, University of Toronto
Topic: Sustainable Agroecosystems: Integrating Plant Functional Traits and Nutrient Cycles
Time: 3:30 4:30 p.m., Reception to follow in N1046
Location: BA202

Innovative approaches to agriculture land management can minimize a host of environmental risks associated with unprecedented levels of soil degradation, fertilizer use, and land use change. These challenges are also magnified by a global need for improved food security and ecosystem services. Diverse agroecosystems are increasingly being recognized as an environmentally and economically sustainable alternative to biologically simplified conventional agriculture. Drawing on an interdisciplinary approach using experimental evidence from multiple agroforestry systems, this talk will explore dominant biophysical interactions that govern the structure and function of diverse agroecosystems while simultaneously charting the human dimension of agroecosystem management strategies. I will outline plant-mediated nutrient pathways, environmental effects on plant functional traits, and the application of novel research tools, namely ground-penetrating radar, to detect belowground processes in agroecosystems.

All are welcome to attend.


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