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September 2, 2015

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Do people fake on personality inventories? A verbal protocol analysis (ABSTRACT)

Robie, C., Brown, D. J., & Beaty, J. C.

published: 2007 | Research publication | Refereed Journals - OB/HRM

Robie, C., Brown, D. J., & Beaty, J.C. (2007). "Do people fake on personality inventories? A verbal protocol analysis", Journal of Business and Psychology 21 (4), 489-509.

ABSTRACT: Research has focused heavily on whether individuals can fake on personality inventories. Research is less clear on whether individuals actually do fake on personality inventories. Verbal protocol analysis was used to trace the motivational processes for 12 participants as they completed a personality inventory in an applicant context. Exploratory analyses suggested that individuals do fake on personality inventories; that individuals can be classed into one of three faking classes (honest responders, slight fakers, and extreme fakers); and that honest fakers take less time to complete and make less corrections to their personality inventories than faking responders. Study implications, limitations, and future research will be discussed.

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