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November 1, 2014
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Transferable Hours

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published: 2013 | Policy | ESF Certificate

Participants may transfer up to 10 hours from the previous certificate programs ‘Communicating for Service/Leadership Excellence’ and ‘Professional Communications Certificate’. To encourage participation in all success factor workshops, a maximum of 5 hours can transferred per success factor.

Transfer requests can be made to Dorota Rams Skazinski at

Listed below are workshop titles that are eligible for transfer of hours to the Employee Success Factor Certificate Program:

Understanding the Employee Success Factors

Values Relationships & Community

Active Listening
Personality Dimensions
Powerful Conversations
Think on your Feet
Understanding Communication Styles
Embracing Diversity

Seeks Opportunities for Continuous Improvement

Developing Powerful Presentations
Managing Me
Presentation Styles- Delivery
Presentation Styles- Development
Writing for Business
Writing with Appeal
Technical Writing
Maximizing Productivity

Supports a Culture of Service

Taming the Email Monster
Making the Most of Meetings
Developing a Service Culture

Models Leadership & Accountability

Conflict Resolution

revised Feb 12/13

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