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March 30, 2015
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Barry A. Colbert


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Barry A. Colbert

Sustainability as a Provocation to Re-think Management Education: Building a Progressive Educative Practice, Management Learning, forthcoming

Elizabeth C. Kurucz, Barry A. Colbert & Joel Marcus

published: 2013 | Research publication | Journal article

An important aim of critical management education (CME) is to stand in critique of mainstream educative practice, while at the same time engaging in ideas of new possibility and proposals for alternative action. Opportunities for critique can be opened by identifying paradox, or the appearance of contradiction in the imperatives underpinning conventional approaches to management and management education. One such contradiction is the ‘sustainability paradox’: our current approach to wealth creation degrades both the ecological systems and the social relationships upon which their very survival depends. In this article we offer, from within a CME frame, an alternative vision of management education as a progressive educative practice: one that embraces our embeddedness in the natural world, and our social relation to one another. We conclude with ideas for redirecting the contextual, organizational, curricular and pedagogical dimensions of management education toward such a vision.


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