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April 16, 2014
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Making Quality Work in the Agricultural Division of Hubert Industries

Celeste M. Brotheridge

published: 2006 | Case Study | Introductory Business

Subject Area:  Organizational Business; Small Business/Entrepreneurship; Introductory Business
Key Issues:  Quality management; Manufacturing management; Small business management
Case Description:  Monique, a management consultant, just finished reviewing the operations of a division of a manufacturing company in terms of its emphasis on quality production and operations. On her note pad, she had written the following points: quality costs were not being measured; an inspection approach to quality was being used; quality had a low profile in the organization; the division had traditional relationships with its
suppliers; customers were not involved; and statistical process control wasn't used. She wasn't sure if she was focusing on the right information. Also, generally speaking, the business was very well managed especially given the challenging circumstances in the division's industry. However, Monique believed that significant opportunities existed for the company to adopt a stronger focus on quality operations in the division. Her current task was to make recommendations that would set it on a more profitable path and deliver her project report to the president of the company.

# Case Pages:  7

Case Number:  030091-W

Teaching Note:  Yes

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