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April 16, 2014
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Future of the Canada Post Corporation, The

Eksa Kilfoyle

published: 2006 | Case Study | Business/Government Relations

Subject Area:  Business Policy/Strategic Management; Business/Government Relations
Key Issues:  Globalization; Competition; Liberalization; Corporatization

Case Description:  Canada Post Corporation is at crossroads. Its current business model is showing signs of vulnerability. The global and local postal markets are changing. Globalization and new technology are threatening national posts' sustainability. A wave of liberalization and corporatization is restructuring the global postal landscape. Ms. Holiday has been short-listed for the position of Strategic Financial Analysis Manager at Canada Post. As part of her interview process she is required to identify the key global and domestic strategic issues facing Canada Post and to provide an analysis of the main options that can be reasonably considered given the constraints facing the Post.

# Case Pages:  13

Case Number:  120144-W

Teaching Note:  Yes

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