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April 16, 2014
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Zetor Tractors (A&B)

Karen L. Newman, Stanley D. Nollen

published: 2006 | Case Study | International Business

Subject Area:    Business Policy/Strategic Management; International Business

Key Issues:    Competitive Strategy; Organizational Design; Environmental Issues
Case Description:    After the "Velvet Revolution,'' the Czech Republic faced the task of privatizing its state-owned enterprises, and the companies faced the task of coping with an environment where customers decided what to buy. Zetor, a Czech manufacturer of tractors and bearings, has lost half its sales, its biggest export customer, its distribution channels, and its financing. The Managing Director reorganizes and forms an alliance with John Deere, but it is uncertain whether Zetor will survive as an independent company.

# Case Pages:    A=11; B-9

Case Number:    120080-15-1

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