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April 19, 2014
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Research Equipment Grant Application 2013

Office of Research Services

published: 2012 | Procedure | Application Form

Maximum Value: $6,000

Deadline: January 15

This program supports the purchase of non-disposable equipment which is to be used primarily for research, and for which alternate sources of funding are not available (e.g. NSERC Research Tools and Instruments Grants).

Who Can Apply?

Full-time faculty members, who are not on Limited Term appointments, are eligible to apply.

Faculty on Limited Term appointments may apply after consultation with the Vice-President: Research and with the approval of their Department Chairperson and Dean.

No applicant can apply to this competition more than 3 times in any 5 year period.

Application Requirements

Requests for more than $6,000 should be submitted to an external funding agency (e.g. NSERC).

Application forms must be countersigned by the Department Chairperson and the Faculty Dean, who thereby agree to house and maintain the equipment. In calculating the budget, add 4% for the HST (effective July 1, 1010).

Requests for all research equipment must be related directly to a specific project and/or program of research.

Applicants for a Research Equipment Grant, including microcomputers and software, must submit a specific description (comparable to the information in a research grant application) of the proposed research activity, including a work schedule. The Grants Committee will consider the merits of the project when deciding whether to award the equipment grant. Alternatively, the applicant could refer to an externally-funded research project(s) and explain why the equipment is necessary to complete the project, and why the equipment is not an eligible expense of the external grant/contract.

Microcomputers and software are not normally eligible expenses under the Research Equipment Grants program. The intention of this policy is to exclude basic word-processing or data analysis systems from the category of research equipment. Microcomputer systems are eligible expenses under the Research Equipment Grants program if an ongoing research activity clearly requires greater capacity or more specialized hardware or software than is available either through the mainframe service or with a basic micro obtainable through a Faculty or Department budget.

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