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July 30, 2014
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OSAP Funding Summary (Example)

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published: 2013 | Report | Proof

Example of OSAP funding summary for submitting to the Business Office to avoid deregistration.  To be accepted, funding summary must indicate:

  1. Name, academic year, institution and period of study
  2. Amounts that are expected for the particular term
  3. Amounts expected is enough to cover the balance that is owing on the account

ATTENTION: The Student Awards Office may only redirect the federal and provincial loan and federal grant portions of OSAP funding to the university to pay outstanding fees which include:

1. Canada Student Loan

2. Canada Study Grant

3. Ontario Student Loan

The Student Award Office may not redirect the following funding for fee payment purposes:

1. Ontario Tuition Grants

2. Ontario Access Grants

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revised Jan 25/13

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