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February 1, 2015

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Brantford Convocation

Faculty Invite to Convocation

Brantford Campus
Beth dela Rosa

published: 2013 | Graphic | Faculty Invite to Convocation

Ifyou had a favourite professor during your time here at Laurier and would like to invite him/her to attend your convocation ceremony, please take this opportunity to review these steps in sending the attached invitation (by email).

1. Locate the faculty member's email address by searching the eguide:

2. Fill in the information in the appropriate PDF invitation (faculty member's name, date and timeof your ceremony, your name)

3. Open the invitation with Adobe Acrobat and save the PDF to your Desktop then attach it to an email addressed to that faculty member. In the body of the email you may include a personal message if you wish.

4.Since most professors teach hundreds of studentsevery year, you are also encouraged to attach a photograph of yourself, so they can be reminded of who you are.

Download: PDF (609k) Convocation2014-Faculty_E-vite-Brantford_FINAL.pdf

revised Apr 4/13

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