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August 29, 2015

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2006 Effects of perceived selection ratio on personality test faking (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Robie, C.
2006 2006-10 EC: What Can We Learn from Comprehensive Data Revisions for Forecasting Inflation: Some US Evidence (working paper) PDFPDF (364k) P. Siklos
2006 R&D Strategy and Stock Price Volatility in the Biotechnology Industry (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal B. Xu
2006 R&D Progress, Stock Price Volatility and Post-Announcement Drift: An Empirical Invesitgation into Biotech Firms (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal B. Xu
2006 Market Differential Evaluations of Strategic Alliances in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal B. Xu
2006 A survey of assessor beliefs and practices related to faking (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Robie, C., Tuzinski, K. A., & Bly, P.R.
2006 An (s,Q) Markovian Inventory System with Lost Sales and Two Demand Classes (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal K.P. Sapna Isotupa
2006 2006-09 EC: Policy Words and Policy Deeds: The ECB and the Euro (working paper) PDFPDF (413k) P. Siklos & M. Bohl
2006 Assigning Delivery Routes to Drivers Under Variable Customer Demands (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal M. Haughton
2006 The Conflict between Consumer Class Actions and Contractual Arbitration Clauses (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Shelley McGill
2006 2006-08 EC: Identifying the Shocks Driving Inflation in China (working paper) ExternalCan't determine type P. Siklos & Y. Zhang
2006 Dispersed Network Manufacturing: Adapting SMEs to Compete on the Global Scale (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Noori, H., & Lee, W.B.
2006 The Price Impacts of Open Market Repurchase Trades (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal McNally, W., B. Smith, & T. Barnes
2006 2006-07 EC: The Fed's Reaction to the Great Depression: Fact or Artefact (working paper) PDFPDF (308k) P. Siklos
2006 2006-06: EC A Threshold Model of Real US GDP and the Problem of Constructing Confidence Intervals in TAR Models (working paper) PDFPDF (463k) P. Siklos, W. Enders & B. Falk
2006 2006-05: EC: Asset Prices as Indicators of Euro Area Monetary Policy: An Empirical Assessment of Their Role in a Taylor Rule (working paper) PDFPDF (289k) P. Siklos & M. Bohl
2005 The Economic Impact of Climate Change on Canadian Commerical Navigation on the Great Lakes (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal F. Millerd
2005 Interdependence as a moderator of the relationship between competitiveness and objective sales performance (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Robie, C., Brown, D. J., & Shepherd, W. J.
2005 Outsource Competitive Intelligence? A Viable Option (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Blenkhorn, D., & Fleisher, C.
2005 2005-09 EC: The Role of Economic Factors, Including the Level of Tuition, in Individual University Participation Decisions in Canada (working paper) PDFPDF (177k) D. Johnson and F. Rahman
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