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February 11, 2016

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2014 Confirmation of Teaching Experience PDFPDF (373k) Faculty of Education
2014 Application FALL - AQ PDFPDF (150k) FOE
2014 Application Summary CAS PDFPDF (128k) FOE
2014 Application INTERSESSION- AQ (Editable) PDFPDF (243k) FOE
2013 1st Practicum Evaluation (WORD DOC) DOCDOC (191k) FOE
2013 Medicine Wheel Evaluation Framework PDFPDF (324k) Atlantic Council for International Cooperation
2013 23 Nov 12 Minutes PDFPDF (369k) F.O.E.
2012 Research Matters Life in 2030 PDFPDF (1.74MB) COU Research Matters
2012 19 Oct 12 DIC Minutes PDFPDF (355k) F.O.E.
2012 21 Sept 12 DIC Minutes PDFPDF (487k) F.O.E.
2012 Master of Education Additional Thesis Guidelines, Processes, and Policies PDFPDF (676k) Faculty of Education
2012 11 Nov. 11 DIC Minutes PDFPDF (6.79MB) FOE
2011 Minutes 7 Oct 2011 PDFPDF (446k) FOE
2011 14 Sept 2011 Divisional Council Minutes PDFPDF (806k) FOE
2011 2015 Experience Profile Package - Editable PDFPDF (463k) Faculty of Education
2011 Aboriginal Postsecondary Education and Training Policy Framework PDFPDF (3.06MB) Government of Ontario, Queen's Printer
2011 Master of Education Program Handbook PDFPDF (971k) Faculty of Education
2010 Full-day vs Half-day Kindergarten PPTPPT (232k) Christine Neill & Jean Eid, Economics, WLU
2010 Sample Feedback Form 6 PDFPDF (183k) FOE
2010 Sample Feedback Form 7 PDFPDF (184k) FOE
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View all Faculty of Education documents