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February 28, 2015

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2013 Abstract - Z. Khan PDFPDF (11k) L. Ligaya
2013 Abstract - V. Vykunthanathan PDFPDF (29k) L. Ligaya
2012 Wooders Paper - Nov. 16, 2012 PDFPDF (331k) L. Ligaya
2012 Abstract - Ting Cao PDFPDF (43k) L. Ligaya
2012 Abstract - J. Shim PDFPDF (36k) L. Ligaya
2012 Abstract - S. Wolczyk PDFPDF (63k) L. Ligaya
2012 J. Roemer - March 7/12 Abstract PDFPDF (25k) M. Gallego
2008 What Has Driven Chinese Monetary Policy Since 1990s? Investigating the People's Bank's Policy Rule (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Siklos, P., & Burdekin, R.
2008 Empirical Evidence on Feedback Trading in Mature and Emerging Markets (ABSTRACT) ExternalCan't determine type Siklos, P., & Bohl, M.
2008 Asset Prices as Indicators of Euro Area Monetary Policy: An Empirical Assessment of Their Role in a Taylor Rule (ABSTRACT) ExternalCan't determine type Siklos, P. & Bohl, M.
2008 Policy Words and Polcy Deeds: The ECB and the Euro (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Siklos, P., & Bohl, M.
2008 The Fed's Reaction to the Great Depression: Fact or Artefact? (ABSTRACT) ExternalCan't determine type P. Siklos
2008 A Threshold Model of Real U.S. GDP and the Problem of Constructing Confidence Intervals in TAR Models (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Siklos, P., Enders, W., & Falk, B.
2007 Tenancy Default, Excess Demand and the Rental Market PDFPDF (239k) K. Cuff and N. Marceau
2007 Hierarchies, intra-firm competition and mergers (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal S. Ziss
2007 Regional Incidence of the Costs of Greenhouse Policy (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Wigle, R., & Snoddon, T.
2007 Impacts of BSE on World Trade in Cattle and Beef: Implications for the Canadian Economy (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Wigle, R., Weerahewa, J., Bredahl, M., & Samarajeewa, S.
2007 Costly Price Adjustment and the Optimal Rate of Inflation (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal J. Konieczny
2007 2007-03 EC: Why Have the Labour Force Participation Rates of Older Men Increased Since the Mid 1990s (working paper) PDFPDF (447k) T. Schirle
2007 2007-01 EC: Revisiting the Coyne Affair: A Singular Event That Changed the Course of Canadian Monetary History (working paper) PDFPDF (281k) P. Siklos
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