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April 18, 2014
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2006 2006-03 EC: Discussion of: Lumpy Price Adjustments: A Microeconometric Analysis (working paper) PDF PDF (114k) J. Konieczny
2006 2006-02 EC: Temporal Distribution of Price Changes: Staggering in the Large and Synchronization in the Small (working paper) PDF PDF (567k) E. Dhyne & J. Konieczny
2006 2006-01 EC: Regular Adjustment - Theory and Evidence (working paper) PDF PDF (620k) J. Konieczny and F. Rumler
2005 The Economic Impact of Climate Change on Canadian Commerical Navigation on the Great Lakes (ABSTRACT) External External F. Millerd
2005 2005-09 EC: The Role of Economic Factors, Including the Level of Tuition, in Individual University Participation Decisions in Canada (working paper) PDF PDF (177k) D. Johnson and F. Rahman
2005 Horizontal mergers and successive oligopoly (ABSTRACT) External External Ziss, S.
2005 2005-08 EC: Fraying Over Paying: Who Will Bear the Costs of Greenhouse Policy (working paper) PDF PDF (282k) T. Snoddon & R. Wigle
2005 2005-07 EC: Federal Aspects of the Kyoto Protocol: A Progress Report (working paper) PDF PDF (279k) R. Wigle and T. Snoddon
2005 2005-06 EC: On the Ranking of Bilateral Bargaining Opponents (working paper) PDF PDF (349k) Ross Cressman and Maria Gallego
2005 2005-04 EC: Horizontal mergers and successive oligopoly (working paper) PDF PDF (117k) S. Ziss
2005 2005-03 EC: University Efficiency: A Comparison of Results from Stochastic and Non-Stochastic Methods (working paper) PDF PDF (381k) M.L. McMillan and W. Chan
2005 2005-02 EC: Canada, Public Economics and Climate Change (working paper) PDF PDF (245k) R. Wigle
2005 2005-01 EC: The Impact of Oil and Natural Gas Facilities on Rural Residential Property (working paper) PDF PDF (158k) Peter C. Boxall, Wing H. Chan, and Melville L. McMillan
2005 Inflation and price setting in a natural experiment (ABSTRACT) External External Konieczny, J., & Skrzypacz, A.
2004 An Economic Theory of Leadership Turnover (ABSTRACT) External External Maria Gallego and Carolyn Pitchik
2004 Increasing Male Earnings Inequality in Canada and the United States, 1981-1997: The Role of Hours Changes versus Wage Changes (ABSTRACT) External External Johnson, S., & Kuhn, P.
2004 Conditional Correlated Jump Dynamics in Foreign Exchange (ABSTRACT) External External Chan, W.H.
2004 The Impact of Mandatory Votes on the Canada-U.S. Union Density Gap: A Note (ABSTRACT) External External Johnson, S.
2004 Budgetary shocks and revenue adjustment: How governments respond to unexpected fiscal shocks (ABSTRACT) External External Snoddon, T.
2003 A Correlated Bivariate Poisson Jump Model for Foreign Exchange (ABSTRACT) External External Chan, W.H.
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