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July 5, 2015

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2007 Long-Run Returns Following Open Market Share Repurchases (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal W. McNally & B. Smith
2007 Life-Cycle Impact on the Value Relevance of Common Risk Factors (ABSTRACT) ExternalCan't determine type B.Xu
2007 Income Tax Accounting Policy Choice: Exposure Draft Responses and the Early Adoption Decision by Canadian Companies (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Merridee Bujaki and Bruce J. McConomy
2007 Measurement equivalence of a personality inventory administered on the internet versus a kiosk (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Robie, C., & Brown, D. J.
2006 e-government and SMEs ExternalExternal R. Craig
2006 E-Com Supply Chain and SMEs ExternalExternal R. Craig
2006 Supporting E-Commerce Strategy Through Web Initiatives ExternalExternal R. Craig
2006 Using Failure to Develop a Successful Business Model ExternalExternal R. Craig
2006 Developing a Viable Product for an Emerging Market ExternalExternal R. Craig
2006 Developing an Online Fleet Management Service: (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal R. Craig & D. Nitsch
2006 R&D Strategy and Stock Price Volatility in the Biotechnology Industry (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal B. Xu
2006 R&D Progress, Stock Price Volatility and Post-Announcement Drift: An Empirical Invesitgation into Biotech Firms (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal B. Xu
2006 Market Differential Evaluations of Strategic Alliances in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal B. Xu
2006 A survey of assessor beliefs and practices related to faking (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Robie, C., Tuzinski, K. A., & Bly, P.R.
2006 An (s,Q) Markovian Inventory System with Lost Sales and Two Demand Classes (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal K.P. Sapna Isotupa
2006 Information Technology Projects by International Logistics Services Providers: The Case of Canada's Small Customs Brokers (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal M. Haughton
2006 Assigning Delivery Routes to Drivers Under Variable Customer Demands (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal M. Haughton
2006 The Conflict between Consumer Class Actions and Contractual Arbitration Clauses (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Shelley McGill
2006 Dispersed Network Manufacturing: Adapting SMEs to Compete on the Global Scale (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Noori, H., & Lee, W.B.
2006 The Price Impacts of Open Market Repurchase Trades (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal McNally, W., B. Smith, & T. Barnes
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