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July 1, 2015

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Employee Relations

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2012 Management Probation Period Form DOCDOC (175k) HR
2012 Probation/Trial Period Form for WLUSA Staff DOCDOC (276k) HR
2012 CUPE Skills & Evaluation Form (Temporary) DOCDOC (249k) HR
2012 UFCW Form PDFPDF (21k) HR
2012 SA-12-016 Joint Health & Safety Committee Representation PDFPDF (24k) WLU/WLUSA
2012 Employee Onboarding Checklist DOCDOC (446k) S. Hawkins
2012 Changes to the Brantford Clerical/Professional Staff Compensation Plan PDFPDF (113k) HR
2012 SA-12-010 International Recruiters PDFPDF (39k) WLU/WLUSA
2012 WLUFA Collective Agreement 2011-2014 PDFPDF (1.05MB) HR
2012 SA-12-006 Article 28.7 Travel Allowance PDFPDF (28k) WLU/WLUSA
2012 CUPE Collective Agreement 2012-2015 PDFPDF (6.53MB) Wilfrid Laurier University & CUPE
2012 NEG-11-002 Research Grant Funded Positions PDFPDF (72k) WLU/WLUSA
2012 Performance Appraisal Form - Confidential (CPAG) & Professional (PAG) Administrative Groups DOCDOC (314k) Melissa Jutzi
2012 WLUSA/OSSTF Merit Communication PDFPDF (89k) Human Resources
2012 WLUSA/OSSTF Merit Objectives Form DOCDOC (472k) HR
2012 Performance Appraisal - Management and CPAG & PAG Performance Appraisal Process and Timelines DOCDOC (126k) Melissa Jutzi
2012 Performance Appraisal Form - Management Group DOCDOC (321k) Melissa Jutzi
2012 Memorandum of Settlement 2011-2014 PDFPDF (1.34MB) Human Resources
2012 WLUSA/OSSTF Salary Grid 2014-2017 PDFPDF (55k) S. Hawkins
2012 IATSE Collective Agreement 2014-2015 PDFPDF (318k) Human Resources
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View all Employee Relations documents