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Sustainability Office

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2013 Laurier Green Guide Brantford 2013 PDFPDF (1.18MB) Samantha Tremmel & Claire Bennett
2013 Water Filling Station Map PDFPDF (368k) Sam and Claire
2013 Laurier Sustainability Map PDFPDF (974k) Sam and Claire
2013 Brantford Sustainability Assistant JD PDFPDF (191k) Samantha Tremmel
2013 Sustainability Council Advisor JD PDFPDF (194k) Samantha Tremmell
2013 Plastic Water Bottle Phaseout Policy PDFPDF (214k) AVP Student Services Dan Dawson; EcoHawks Internal Affairs Executive Susie Turner; VP University Affairs Chris Walker
2013 Laurier Sustainability Report 2012 PDFPDF (1.11MB) Claire
2013 Deep Ecology: Strengthening our Connections PPTXPPTX (492k) Manuel
2013 Laurier Brantford Sustainability Audit PDFPDF (1018k) Claire and Alex
2013 SCC Application DOCDOC (40k) Claire
2013 SCC Terms of Referrence PDFPDF (215k) Claire
2013 Young City Growers Youth Session PDFPDF (694k) Fanis
2012 Fall EcoReads PDFPDF (512k) Claire and Sam
2012 The Laurier Aboriginal Community Garden DOCDOC (30k) Melissa/Claire
2012 Laurier Sustainability Map 2013 PDFPDF (1.32MB) Sam Tremmel
2012 2011 Waste Audit PDFPDF (223k) Waste Management
2012 Rethink Waterloo 2012 PDFCan't determine type Claire
2012 Team Leader Position for Reduce the Juice PDFPDF (561k) Claire
2012 Laurier Sustainability Action Plan 2012-2016 PDFPDF (656k) Claire Bennett
2012 2010 Sustainability Report PDFPDF (1.25MB) Sarah
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View all Sustainability Office documents