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November 25, 2015

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Community Service-Learning

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2015 Pre, During and Post- Service Activity DOCDOC (25k) Shannon Pennington
2014 Important Things to Know About Your Placement PDFPDF (307k) Shannon Pennington
2014 Laurier CSL Faculty Checklist PDFPDF (259k) Shannon Pennington
2013 Community-Engaged Teaching, Learning, & Research at Laurier PDFPDF (2.59MB) Michael Bernhard, Angele Desroches, Sara Wicks
2013 Community-Engaged Scholarship Review, Promotion & Tenure Package PDFPDF (225k) Calleson D., Kauper-Brown J., Seifer S.D. (2005)
2013 Teaching and Research Portfolios in Community Engagement PDFPDF (145k) Michael Bernhard
2013 Support Process - Community Engaged Teaching PDFPDF (377k) Michael Bernhard
2013 Self-regulated Learning & Community Engagement PDFPDF (141k) Michael Bernhard
2013 Getting Started with Community Service-Learning PDFPDF (147k) Michael Bernhard
2012 Reflection & Experiential Education PDFPDF (146k) Michael Bernhard
2012 Service-Learning Course Design Workbook PDFPDF (675k) Jeffrey Howard
2012 Community-Engaged Scholarship PDFPDF (143k) Michael Bernhard
2012 CSL and Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations (UDLE) DOCDOC (22k) Network of CSL Centres in Ontario
2012 Police record checks PDFPDF (278k) Rebekah Rempel
2012 Reflection Manual PDFPDF (1.52MB) Ravi Gokani
2012 Faculty Handbook PDFPDF (335k) LCCSL Staff
2012 Criteria for Self-Initiated Placements PDFPDF (276k) Shannon Pennington
2011 Inclusive Community Engagement DOCDOC (118k) Humera Javed
2009 CSL Possible Learning Outcomes DOCDOC (27k) LCCSL Staff
2009 Laurier Brantfor Letter to Agency to secure you own placement PDFPDF (94k) Darren Thomas
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View all Community Service-Learning documents