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February 6, 2016

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2015 Central Waste Program Overview DOCDOC (310k) Claire
2015 Brantford Water-Fill Station Map PDFPDF (348k) Claire
2015 Laurier Water-fill Station Map PDFPDF (357k) Claire
2014 Recycling Guideline Handout Brantford PDFPDF (656k) Miranda Fuller
2014 Recycling Guideline Handout Waterloo PDFPDF (650k) Miranda Fuller
2014 Travelwise PDFPDF (1.96MB) Mat
2014 Residence Move Out Program PDFPDF (269k) Miranda Fuller
2014 Residence Organics Program PDFPDF (279k) Miranda Fuller
2013 Culligan Water Station Info PDFPDF (242k) Culligan
2013 Recycling & Organics Info Sheet PDFPDF (634k) Claire
2013 Laurier Central Recycling & Waste Standard PDFPDF (487k) Claire
2013 Laurier Sustainability Map PDFPDF (974k) Sam and Claire
2013 SCC Terms of Referrence PDFPDF (215k) Claire
2012 Going Greener Report, Council of Ontario Universities PDFPDF (1.98MB) Council of Ontario Universities
View all Sustainability Office documents