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Ross Cressman


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Ross Cressman

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2010 Cooperation and Stability through Periodic Impulses PDFPDF (499k) Bo-Yu Zhang, Ross Cressman and Yi Tao
2010 The Ideal Free Distribution as an Evolutionarily Stable State in Density-Dependent Populations Games PDFPDF (218k) Ross Cressman and Vlastimil Krivan
2009 A Predator-Prey Refuge System: Evolutionary Stability in Ecological Systems PDFPDF (487k) Ross Cressman and Jozsef Garay
2009 Continuously Stable Strategies, Neighborhood Superiority and Two-Player Games with Continuous Strategy Space PDFPDF (363k) Ross Cressman
2009 Costly Punishment does not always increase Cooperation PDFPDF (373k) Jia-Jia Wu, Bo-Yu Zhang1, Zhen-Xin Zhou, Qiao-Qiao He, Xiu-Deng Zheng, Ross Cressman and Yi Tao
2009 Subgame Perfection in Evolutionary Dynamics with Recurrent Perturbations PDFPDF (147k) Herbert Gintis, Ross Cressman and Thijs Ruijgrok
2009 On the Ranking of Bilateral Bargaining Opponents PDFPDF (655k) Ross Cressman and Maria Galego
2009 On Evolutionary Stability in Prey-Predator Models with Fast Behavioral Dynamics PDFPDF (504k) Vlastimil Krivan and Ross Cressman
2009 The Efficiency Ratio of Costly Punishment PDFPDF (98k) Yi Tao, Cong Li, Jia-Jia Wu and Ross Cressman
2008 Stochastic Fluctuations in Frequency-Dependent Selection: A One-Locus, Two-Allele and Two-Phenotype Model PDFPDF (854k) Yi Tao, Ross Cressman, Boyu Zhang, Xiudeng Zheng,
2008 Evolutionary Game Dynamics with Impulsive Effects PDFPDF (232k) Shichang Wang, Boyu Zhang, Zhenqing Li, Ross Cressman, Yi Tao
2008 Learning and Evolution in Games: ESS PDFPDF (168k) Ross Cressman
2008 The Ideal Free Distribution: A Review and Synthesis of the Game-Theoretic Approach PDFPDF (1.72MB) Vlastimil Krivan, Ross Cressman, Candace Schneider
2007 Stochastic Fluctuations Through Intrinsic Noise in Evolutionary Game Dynamics PDFPDF (402k) Yi Tao and Ross Cressman
2007 The Role of Behavioral Dynamics in Determining the Patch Distributions of Interacting Species PDFPDF (603k) Peter Abrams, Ross Cressman, Vlastimil Krivan
2006 Migration Dynamics for the Ideal Free Distribution PDFPDF (614k) Ross Cressman, Vlastimil Krivan
2006 Uninvadability in N-Species Frequency Models for Resident-Mutant Systems with Discrete or Continuous Time PDFPDF (285k) Ross Cressman
2006 Stability of the Replicator Equation for a Single Species with a Multi-Dimensional Continuous Trait Space PDFPDF (394k) Ross Cressman, Josef Hofbauer and Frank Riedel
2006 A Game-Theoretic Model for Punctuated Equilibrium: Species Invasion and Stasis through Coevolution PDFPDF (301k) R. Cressman, Jozsef Garay
2005 Stability of the Replicator Equation with Continuous Strategy Space PDFPDF (344k) Ross Cressman
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