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July 25, 2016

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Stephen Preece


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Stephen Preece

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2014 Social Bricolage in Arts Entrepreneurship: Building a Jazz Society from Scratch PDFPDF (295k) S. Preece
2014 Coming Soon to a Live Theater Near You: Performing Arts Trailers as Paratexts PDFPDF (121k) S. Preece
2014 Performing Arts Entrepreneurship: Toward a Research Agenda PDFPDF (296k) S. Preece
2014 Web Strategies and the Performing Arts: A Solution to Difficult Brands PDFPDF (303k) S. Preece, J. Wiggins Johnson
2005 The Performing Arts Value Chain ExternalExternal Preece, S.
2003 Evolution, Extinction, or Status Quo: Canadian Performing Arts Audiences in the 1990s ExternalExternal Fisher, T., & Preece, S.
2002 Evaluating Performing Arts Audience Overlap (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Fisher, T., & Preece, S.
2000 Culture for dummies: Evaluating the impact of international business primers (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Boehringer, M., & Preece, S.
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