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October 23, 2014
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Shelley McGill


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Shelley McGill

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2013 CV 2013 PDF PDF (61k) SMM
2012 Pre-MBA ppt Class 6 IP PDF PDF (81k) McGill
2012 Pre MBA Class 4 Business Associations PDF PDF (48k) McGill
2012 Pre-MBA Employment Law PDF PDF (128k) McGill
2012 Pre-MBA Contract ppt Class 2 PDF PDF (54k) McGill
2012 Pre MBA ppt Class 1 Legal Environment PDF PDF (21k) S. McGill
2012 Seeking a Rational Lawyer for Consumer Claims After the Supreme Court Disconnects Consumers in AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion External External Ann Marie Tracey and Shelley McGill
2011 Technology Use Codes of Conduct: Is It a Choice Between Shaping the Organizational Culture and Effective Legal Enforcement? External External Shelley McGill & Mark Baetz
2011 Building A New Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Lessons Learned From Canadian And U.S. Arbitration of Human Rights and Discrimination Employment Claims External External Shelley McGill and Ann Marie Tracey
2011 Consumer Arbitration After Seidel v. TELUS PDF PDF (194k) Shelley McGill
2010 Consumer Arbitration Clause Enforcement: A Balanced Legislative Response PDF PDF (292k) S.McGill
2010 Small Claims Court Identity Crisis: A Review of Recent Reform Measures PDF PDF (286k) S. McGill
2009 The Law and Business Administration in Canada, 12th ed. External External J. E. Smyth, D. A. Soberman, A.J. Easson, S. A. McGill
2008 Codes of Conduct in the Private Sector External External A. Scott Carson, Mark Baetz, Shelley McGill
2008 Integrating Academic Integrity Education with the Business Law Course: Why and How? (ABSTRACT) PDF PDF (223k) Shelley McGill
2007 Consumer Arbitration and Class Actions: The impact of Dell Computer Corp. v. Union des consommateurs (ABSTRACT) External External Shelley McGill
2007 Family Arbitration - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (ABSTRACT) External External Shelley McGill
2006 The Conflict between Consumer Class Actions and Contractual Arbitration Clauses (ABSTRACT) External External Shelley McGill
2005 Religious Tribunals and The Ontario Arbitration Act, 1991: The Catalyst For Change (ABSTRACT) External External Shelley McGill
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