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July 27, 2016

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Peter Carayannopoulos


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Peter Carayannopoulos

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2012 Debt Issuance under Rule 144A and Equity Valuation Effects (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Carayannopoulos, Peter and Nayak, Subhankar
2010 The Impact of the 2003 Regulatory Reform in the Canadian Property/Casualty Insurance Industry on Insurer's Surplus Levels (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Carayannopoulos, Peter; Kelly, Mary: Li, Si
2005 Determinants of Capital Holdings: Evidence from The Canadian Property/Casualty Insurance Industry ExternalExternal Carayannopoulos, P., & Kelly, M.
2003 Convertible Bond Prices and Inherent Biases (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Carayannopoulos, P., & Kalimipalli, M.
2003 Insurance Securitization; Catastrophic Event Exposure and the Role of Insurance Linked Securities in Addressing Risk ExternalExternal Carayannopoulos, P., P. Kovacs and D. Leadbetter
2002 How effective is aggressive portfolio management?: mutual fund performance in Canada, 1985 - 1996 (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Athanassakos, G., & Carayannopoulos, P.
2001 An empirical analysis of the relationship of bond yield spreads and macro-economic factors (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Athanassakos, G., & Carayannopoulos, P.
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