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July 23, 2016

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Mary Kelly


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Mary Kelly

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2006 The Costs of Distribution of Property/Liability Insurance in Canada (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Kelly, M., & A. Kleffner
2006 Age as a Variable in Insurance Pricing and Risk Classification (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Kelly, M., & N.L. Nielson
2004 Determinants of Capital Holdings: Evidence from the Canadian Property/Casuality Insurance Industry (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Carayannopoulos, P., & M. Kelly
2004 The Future Distribution of P/C Insurance in Canada ExternalCan't determine type Kelly, M., & A. Keffner
2003 Optimal Loss Mitigation and Contract Design (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Kelly, M., & A. Kleffner
2001 The Impact of Insurance on the Level of Optimal Loss Mitigation (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Kleffner, A., & Kelly, M.
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