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July 26, 2016

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Loren King

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2014 Identifying Difference, Engaging Dissent: What is at Stake in Democratizing Knowledge? PDFPDF (670k) Loren King, James Wong, Brandon Morgan-Olsen
2012 Federalism, Subsidiarity, and Cities PDFPDF (236k) L. King
2012 Concepts, Conceptions, and Principles of Justice PDFPDF (170k) Loren King
2011 Exploitation and Rational Choice PDFPDF (163k) Loren King
2004 Democratic Hopes in the Polycentric City PDFPDF (104k) Loren A. King
1998 Economic Growth and Basic Human Needs PDFPDF (2.02MB) Loren A. King
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