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James Blackburn

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2012 Complete List of Publications PDFPDF (96k) Blackburn et al.
2012 Classical model for escape events in swept bias Josephson junctions PDFPDF (607k) J.A. Blackburn, M. Cirillo, and N. Gronbech Jensen
2010 Tomography and Entanglement in Coupled Josephson Junction Qubits PDFPDF (253k) Niels Gronbech-Jensen, Jeffrey E. Marchese, Matteo Cirillo, and James A. Blackburn
2010 On the classical model for microwave induced escape from a Josephson washboard potential PDFPDF (250k) James A. Blackburn, Matteo Cirillo, and Niles Gronbech-Jensen
2009 Classical Analysis of Capacitively Coupled Superconducting Qubits PDFPDF (393k) James Blackburn, Jeffrey Marchese, Matteo Cirillo, and Niels Gronbech-Jensen
2007 Circuit for Precision Simulation of a Capacitive Josephson Junction PDFPDF (148k) James Blackburn
2006 Noise Activated transitions among periodic states PDFPDF (381k) James Blackburn
2004 Determining a Force Law from a Scattering Experiment PDFPDF (562k) Blackburn and Smith
2003 An Experiment in Chaotic Scattering PDFPDF (500k) Blackburn and Smith
2000 Intermittent synchronization of resistively coupled chaotic Josephson junctions PDFPDF (658k) Blackburn, Baker and Smith
1999 A stochastic model of synchronization for chaotic pendulums PDFPDF (429k) Baker, Blackburn and Smith
1998 Intermittent Synchronization in a Pair of Coupled Chaotic Pendula PDFPDF (177k) Baker, Blackburn and Smith
1997 Experimental measurements on a simulated lumped transmission line PDFPDF (748k) Smith and Blackburn
1996 Chaos and thermal noise in a Josephson junction coupled to a resonant tank PDFPDF (242k) Blackburn, Smith and Gronbech Jensen
1996 Phase locking between Fiske and flux-flow modes in coupled sine-Gordon systems PDFPDF (206k) Gronbech Jensen, Blackburn and Samuelsen
1996 Phase diffusion in a chaotic pendulum PDFPDF (911k) Blackburn and Gronbech Jensen
1995 Stochastic Noise and Chaotic Transients PDFPDF (682k) Blackburn, Gronbech Jensen, and Smith
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