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September 18, 2014
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Laurier Centre for Research in Entrepreneurship (formerly known as NeXt)

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2012 LCRE Conference - Sept 28&29 - Program Outline PDF PDF (156k) Fisnik Lokku
2012 LCRE - Call for Papers 2012 PDF PDF (68k) Hpatton
2011 Prof. Terry Marsden Talk - March 2, 2011 PDF PDF (32k) n/a
2010 Diversify attractions: tourism pros PDF PDF (118k) Chuck Howitt, Record Staff
2008 The Globalization of and the Emerging Developments in Management Education PPT PPT (298k) Ginny Dybenko, Dean of the Laurier School of Business and Economics
2008 Global Entrepreneurship and Transnationalism PPT PPT (139k) Ivan Light, UCLA
2008 The Transnationality Index: PDF PDF (83k) David H. Tobey, Brent Kinghorn
2008 Toward a Practical Theory of Transnational Entrepreneurship PDF PDF (159k) Israel Drori, Benson Honig
2008 Cultural Capital and the Trade and Immigration Nexus PDF PDF (119k) Margaret Walton-Roberts
2008 International Entrepreneurship in China PDF PDF (70k) Ilan Alon
2008 Uncertain Globalization: PDF PDF (48k) Joseph Lampel, Jamal Shamsie
2008 Do Cultural Differences Matter to VC-CEO Interaction? PDF PDF (138k) Qian Ye
2008 Conference Program Detail (NeXt) PDF PDF (119k) A. Spyker
2007 Small Tourism Firm Research: Past, Present and Future PDF PDF (10k) Professor Alison Morrison
2007 Lifestyle Small Tourism Firms PDF PDF (10k) Professor Alison Morrison
2006 Communities of dis-entrepreneurship: A comparative cross-national examination of two cases of entrepreneurial demise PDF PDF (116k) Leo Paul Dana, Benson Honig
2006 Next-Phase Economics: Micro-Finance Institutions and NGOs targeting Poverty Alleviation and Development of Weak Sectors in the Full Scope of a Person's Life PDF PDF (1.86MB) Itamar Eder
2006 The life-cycle and decline of a Dotcom firm: an effectuation approach PDF PDF (247k) Israel Drori, Benson Honig, Zachary Sheaffer
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