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April 20, 2014
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Kinesiology & Physical Education

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2010 Enhance Academic Integrity at Wilfrid Laurier University PDF PDF (16k) Dr. Jennifer Robertson-Wilson and Dr. Renee MacPhee
2010 Fall Reduction Inventory Study PDF PDF (201k) Dr. Dawn Guthrie
2010 Research Participants Arthritis and Balance Control PDF PDF (189k) S. Perry
2009 The Neural Representation of Time PDF PDF (365k) Ramesh Balasubramaniam
2009 Abstract PDF PDF (8k) Ramesh Balasubramaniam
2008 CIHR Newsletter - Gray Matters PDF PDF (1.55MB) CIHR Institute of Aging
2007 Ethics Clearance Guidelines DOC DOC (52k) Dr. P. Bryden
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