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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the President
November 25, 2015
Canadian Excellence


Office of the President

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2015 Open Letter to the Laurier Community PDF PDF (445k) Dr. Max Blouw, President and Vice-Chancellor
2014 Strategic Mandate Agreement (2014-2017) between MTCU & Wilfrid Laurier University PDF PDF (290k) Wilfrid Laurier University & MTCU
2014 PEACU 2015 Conference Program PDF PDF (95k) Maebelle Knechtel Bell
2013 President's 2013 Town Hall Achievements PDF PDF (3.82MB) CPAM
2013 2013-14 The Year Ahead PDF PDF (90k) President's Group
2013 2013 Pre-Budget Submission PDF PDF (917k) Max Blouw, Brian Rosborough
2012 Laurier Strategic Mandate Agreement PDF PDF (467k) Dr. Max Blouw
2011 Reimagine Universities Historical Overview: Forces of Change PDF PDF (5.82MB) Max Blouw, President & Vice-Chancellor
2010 VP Research Executive Brief PDF PDF (90k) Search Committee
2010 Task Force on Multi-Campus Governance update PDF PDF (583k) N/A
2010 President's PSE Overview PDF PDF (169k) N/A
2009 President's Annual Address 2009 PDF PDF (415k) Dr. Max Blouw
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