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July 28, 2014
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Sun Life Financial Movement Disorders Research & Rehabilitation Centre (MDRC)

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2014 Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination (PARmed-X) PDF PDF (2.10MB) British Columbia Ministry of Health and revised by an Expert Advisory Committee of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology chaired by Dr. N. Gledhill (2002)
2014 Predominant left basal ganglia degeneration influences gait of “freezers” in PD PDF PDF (533k) F. Pieruccini-Faria, K.A. Ehgoetz Martens, C.R.A.Silveira, J.A. Jones, Q.J. Almeida Q.J.
2014 Where do individuals with freezing of gait look while approaching a doorway? PDF PDF (924k) Q.J. Almeida, D. Bell-Boucher, C.R.A. Silveira
2014 Does Anxiety Cause Freezing of Gait? PDF PDF (1.00MB) K.A. Ehgoetz Martens, C.G. Ellard, Q.J. Almeida
2013 The effects of sensory attention focused exercise on mentation, behaviour and mood in Parkinson's disease PDF PDF (272k) R.L. Boehm & Q.J. Almeida
2013 Freezing of gait symptoms in Parkinson's disease impairs vision for perception but not action: evidence from gait with obstacles PDF PDF (797k) F. Pieruccini-Faris, K.A. Ehgoetz Martens, C.R.A. Silveira, J.A. Jones, Q.J. Almeida
2013 Gait velocity and step length predict aerobic capacity in patients with parkinson's disease PDF PDF (1.37MB) Matthew A. Sacheli, Carolina R.A. Silveira, Quincy J. Almeida
2013 Motor symptoms predict aerobic capacity in Parkinson's disease PDF PDF (448k) Matthew A. Sacheli, Carolina R.A. Silveira, Quincy J. Almeida
2013 The influence of sensory-perceptual illusions on freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease: An evaluation of the sequence effect PDF Can't determine type C.R.A. Silveira, D. Bell-Boucher, E.A. Roy, Q.J. Almeida
2013 An Investigation of the relationship Between Clinically-Assessed and Self-Reported Measures of Side Affected in Patients with Parkinson's Disease PDF PDF (1.60MB) E.M. Bisson, Q.J. Almeida & J.E. Norris
2012 On-line processing demands of narrow corridors on gait in Parkinson's freezers and non-freezers PDF PDF (1006k) C.R.A. Silveira, Q.J. Almeida, D.B. Boucher, S. Witzel, E.A. Roy
2012 Perception of aperture size at the end of a corridor is impaired in Parkinson's disease patients with freezing of gait PDF PDF (993k) C.R.A. Silveira, Q.J. Almeida, E.A. Roy, S. Witzel, D.B. Boucher
2011 Distinguishing features of speech production and perception in Parkinson's disease & Progressive supranuclear palsy PDF PDF (660k) F. Minnema, Q.J. Almeida, S. Adams
2011 A Randomized Single-Blind Double-Crossover Trial for Sensory Attention Focused Exercise in Parkinson's Disease PDF PDF (415k) R.L. Boehm, Q.J. Almeida & P.E. Knobl
2011 Influence of a cluttered environment on gait i nParkinson's disease patients with shuffling or freezing of gait PDF PDF (541k) Tracy Tan & Quincy J. Almeida
2011 Dopaminergic Influences on Temporal Variability During Movements in Parkinson's Disease: A Sensory Connection? PDF PDF (418k) M.A. Sacheli, F. Minnema and Q.J. Almeida
2011 The influence of motor imagery during exercise rehabilitation in Parkinson's disease PDF PDF (318k) Patricia E. Knobl and Quincy J. Almeida
2011 The Association between Limb Apraxia and Freezing of Gait in parkinson's Disease PDF PDF (598k) L.K. Kielstra, Q.J. Almeida, E.A. Roy
2011 Step width during obstacle crossing in patients with Parkinson's disease is a predictor of the UPDRS gait and posture clinical score: An 'on' and 'off' study PDF PDF (440k) F. Pieruccini-Faria, R. Vitorio, L. Gobbi, C.R.A. Silveir, M.J. Caetano, Q.J. Almeida, F. Stella
2011 Rehabilitation for Parkinson's disease: Is it the sensory or attention focus that improves disease severity in sensory-attention focused interventions? PDF PDF (304k) Patricia E. Knobl & Quincy J. Almeida
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