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April 17, 2014
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2014 History Speaker Series PDF PDF (277k) cginn
2014 History Department TEACH-IN GIF GIF (332k) D.Dee
2014 2014 History Speakers Series PDF PDF (282k) cginn
2014 HI299F: Contemporary Canada: 1990 to the Present PDF PDF (337k) C. Comacchio
2014 HI299N: Advertising in the Twentieth Century PDF PDF (518k) G. Cross
2014 HI346P: War and Memory: Canada and European War in the Twentieth Century PDF PDF (80k) T.Copp
2014 Vimy Hall A Community Focusing on War, Memory & the Canadian Military Experience in Europe PDF PDF (2.76MB) A. Milne-Smith
2014 HTC Registration Flyer PDF PDF (991k) cginn
2014 The 47th History Teachers' Conference PDF PDF (175k) c.ginn
2013 HI346Q Itinerary PDF PDF (57k) Various
2013 History Sneak Peek PDF PDF (38k) c.ginn
2013 The Owl Vol. 6 2012-2013 PDF PDF (1.43MB) Dr. J. Grischow
2013 HI260Z S14 PDF PDF (101k) Jessica Cammaert
2013 2013 - 2014 Undergraduate Handbook PDF PDF (344k) Various
2013 HI212OC DOC DOC (93k) Dr. Deb Nash-Chambers
2013 Teaching with Images: The Graphic Novel and Visual Sources PDF PDF (316k) Dr. Amy Milne-Smith
2013 Dr. Dana Weiner Book Launch PDF PDF (296k) c.ginn
2013 46th Annual History Teachers Conference Flyer PDF PDF (1.03MB) J. Grischow
2013 Dr. Celia Applegate PDF PDF (144k) C. Ginn
2013 Ottoman Cafe Event JPG JPG (619k) Dr. G. Brockett
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